Sara Shorn

My Story

AGE 4 - 6: Coloured in the carpet with heavy felt tip markers,
keeping in the lines at all times. 

AGE 10: Drew cartoons of The Simpsons and Pokemon
characters as requested by my classmates.

AGE 18: Set up bunk in the A-level art room so I could
paint at any point. 

AGE 21: Graduated from The University of Nottingham with
a first in Art History. Realised how imagery works, how it can
effect people and how to communicate my ideas.

AGE 21 - 22: Green and just out of Uni, found myself working
in the creative department at Butlins. Used this role to my
advantage being exposed to Marketing, Account Management,
Creative Direction and Copy Writing.

AGE 22 and a half: Had an epiphany—needed to become a
designer and stop bad design.

AGE 23: Studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins
and Shillington College. Interned at a few studios.
Found my calling in life!

AGE 23 and a half: Was loving life; giggling at obscure things
and freelancing at The Dots—a creative version of Linkedin designed
to connect creatives to commercial opportunities. My role was instrumental
in rolling out offline and online creative pre and post launch.

NOW: Drinking many cups of tea and learning lots as
a Junior Graphic Designer at Newl&Potter. Some of our clients include
Planet Hollywood, The Hippodrome Casino and Harbour Hotels. 

Feel free to have a look at some of my freelance work.